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arrow_blue  Concrete Repair and
 Restoration Projections
 Structural Upgrades
 & Waterproofing
   SCE - Agnew Leak Repair
arrow_blue  Manhattan Towers
   St. Joseph Hospital
   Flexural & Shear
 Upgrade Intel Corp.
   Composite Upgrade
 of Wood Beams
   City of Inglewood
 Carbon Fiber
 Column Wrap
   Carbon Upgrade
 of SDG & E Vault
   Structural Column Wrap
 Burbank Media Center

Naval Air Station

Pearl Harbor

Turbine Deck

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Featured Projects
- (Structural Upgrades and Waterproofing Projects)
SCE - Agnew Dam Leak Repair
Another remote location project where equipment and materials had to be flown in via helicopter. Due to the remoteness of the location, our crew experienced some pretty good fishing as well (after work of course)!
Lee Vining, CA
Manhattan Towers Waterproofing
2 story subterranean parking structure was leaking water extensively. Excavation was not a option for this project. ACE designed remedial waterproofing repairs for this project which involved injecting a waterproofing membrane from the inside of the structure to the exterior. This type of work is a specialty of ACE. Many other waterproofing contractors & manufactures of waterproofing materials use ACE stop the "impossible to stop" leaks.
Manhattan Beach, CA
St Joseph Hospital
Structural repairs of concrete beams using pneumatically placed concrete (shotcrete).
Orange, CA
Flexural & Shear Upgrade Intel Corp.
Using "state of the art" composites (carbon fiber and e-glass) ACE was hired by Intel to upgrade the loading capacity (flexural & shear upgrade) of one of their chip fabricating facility. Carbon fiber was applied on the top of the deck and e-glass was installed on the underside.

ACE completed this upgrade in 2 weeks. Other methods Intel considered for this upgrade would have taken as long as 3 months. In a facility that manufacturers over $1,000,000.00 of chips per day, the small amount of downtime compared to other methods was a tremendous cost saving to Intel.
Santa Clara, CA
Composite Upgrade of Wood Beams
Structural upgrade of wood beams using e-glass composites.
San Bernardino, CA
City of Inglewood Carbon Fiber Column Wrap
Structural columns wrap using Caron Fiber composites for confinement & shear upgrades of city parking structure.
Inglewood, CA
Carbon Upgrade of SDG & E Vault
Loading capacity structural upgrade of San Diego Gas & Electric underground vault using carbon fiber composites.
San Diego, CA
Structural Column Wrap Burbank Media Center
Shear reinforcement and confinement upgrade of 150 columns using e-glass composites. Some of the columns had to be cut to allow access of the fiber around the columns.
Burbank, CA


Recent Project

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